Draggins 2023 - April 8th & 9th in Saskatoon

Majestics 2023 - April 29th & 30th in Regina

Sask Ford Mercury Club 2023 - June 11th, July 9th & August 6th, A&W Avonhurst & Albert

    The Saskatchewan Ford Mercury Club

    Founded in 1993, the Saskatchewan Ford Mercury Club (SFMC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, with a membership consisting of near 100 members, who have a common interest in the enjoyment of owning a Ford Motor Company vehicle. This encompasses antique, classic and late model cars and trucks.

    Our goals are:

    • To enjoy, restore, preserve, and promote the nostalgia of the automobile.
    • To organize “open to all makes and models” car shows in which all vehicle enthusiasts can participate for the enjoyment of the general public.
    • To provide a forum where members can support each other with technical assistance, “how to” procedures, and part sourcing in the restoration of their vehicles.
    • Enjoy the camaraderie of individuals who have a like passion for vehicles.
    • To provide events and socials throughout the year where our “most significant other” and families can be involved.

    In addition to these “core” goals, the Club, in a spirit of contribution, reaches out to our community in the following ways:

    • Our charity of choice, which we financially support, is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Annually, profits from all car shows held are donated to this organization and was in the order of $1,500.00 from our 2021 operations. Since 2009, the SFMC has donated $26,750.00 to JDRF.
    • Recognizing the immobility of our seniors in care homes, we organize a mini-shows at their locations.

    Members also enjoy a number of social activities including a steak night, an annual Family BBQ and a Spring and Fall cruise, with associated dinners.

    Benefits of Membership in the SFMC

    • A benefit of membership is a 10% - 20% discount members receive from a growing number of automotive related business sponsors in Regina.
    • The Club holds three car shows annually in the months of June, July and August. All shows are at the A&W Avonhurst Drive and Albert Street location and run from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and includes a generous number of door prizes. Members receive a discounted registration fee $5.00

    The current yearly membership fee is $30.00. The Club holds a regular monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of each month and an annual general meeting in January where election of officers is conducted. Activities, procedures and governance are conducted in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.

    Ownership of a Ford Motor Company vehicle is not required to become a member, however, enthusiasm for the “blue oval” family is greatly welcomed.